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The Line Threads brand is for chefs who see cooking as a calling, not a lifestyle choice. 

We design clothes for chefs and collaborate with chefs to produce unique designs that reflect kitchen life. As chefs ourselves, we cater to a special breed of human building passionate careers because of our love for food, people and being better tomorrow than we are today.

You speak a language only understood by the industry. You live a life that only your kitchen family understands. You spend hours on your feet prepping, cooking and cleaning. Endless shifts that rack up 60 plus hour weeks are only half the story. You put in the hours, sweat, hard work and love what you do. Few understand what it means to hustle on the line. We do. Whether you're wearing your uniform on the line or enjoying a day off, your clothes should be uniquely you. Be original. Our brand is for you.

Founded in 2017, we capture kitchen life through original design and clothing. We welcome you to join our team and movement, elevating quality clothing and style for chefs as part of our Ambassador Program.

Email us at or tag us on instagram (line.threads) wearing your Line Threads gear to be featured.